Hi, I’m Eric Dean, thank you for visiting my site.

I’m all about reusing and recycling rather than polluting our planet and I am passionate about making cool and useful things out of wood. So, I’ve combined my passion and my cause, and the result is something I call ‘practical art’, or ‘functional art’.

What is practical art, you ask? The answer is simple: I transform previously used wood that has been discarded and is destined for the landfill into beautiful yet practical everyday items that everyone can enjoy in their home or business.

Practical art is practical, everyday. It’s beautiful too!

Enjoy a look at my creations. Each of these is hand crafted and a unique work of art made with love – I pick each piece of wood to go exactly where it is, knowing that the small imperfections in the wood are what makes it more beautiful.

Having one of my creations for your own is easy; just check out the ‘Workshop’ tab to see what I’ve been creating.

Choose your piece and I’ll get right on it!

Necessity is the mother of invention; need something I can create for you? Tell me about it and let’s see where inspiration takes me!

Use the ‘Contact Eric’ page to start a conversation about your very own custom piece.

It’s that easy, it helps the planet and it keeps one more creative guy out there actually creating – Yeah!


Eric Dean
South Lake Tahoe, CA