The majesty and unique beauty of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains is unsurpassed. In an age when we are realizing we have let our children become walking phone zombies, we need to be aware of the precious natural resources around us. Not only to take measures to protect these spectacular spaces, but also, as…(Read More)

Hi, I’m Eric and we’re here in my workshop where I handcraft each item. And today, we’re going to build a bear. So all right, we’re going to– first we pick a piece of plywood that’s the right size for our bear. Here’s our piece of wood. Here’s…(Read More)

Folklore, fairy tales, human fear and greed have given wolves a bad reputation. All wild animals deserve respect and a certain amount of fear, mixed with regard, is healthy. You don’t want to approach wolves anymore than you would lions, tigers, or bears! In North America the fear mixed with greed however, nearly eradicated…(Read More)

We agree with Hemmingway; this planet is precious and our only home. Both recycling and upcycling are important ways to reduce our carbon footprint. At ED Practical Art we recycle whenever possible, but our art is 100% Upcycled! The concept of upcycling has become “all the rage” recently and anyone can participate. The idea is…(Read More)

We love festival season here at Ed Practical Art. It shakes us out of our introverted creating mode in the workshop and allows us to have some summer fun! The best part of every festival is the customer connection. Of course we love a sale but it is equally enjoyable to hear the positive comments…(Read More)

It’s festival season at the Lake and who doesn’t love an opportunity to be outside soaking up the gorgeous weather with the bonus of an art, music or wine experience! Summer is short here around Lake Tahoe so don’t miss your chance to celebrate with a memorable experience at one of these…(Read More)

Eric Dean Practical Art Summer Giveaway We have a beautiful new website and want to celebrate it with you ALL SUMMER! Prizes 1st Prize: Big Bear Silhouette A rustic hand crafted/hand finished bear wall art made from locally gathered reclaimed/recycled pallet wood. Value $125 2nd Prize Little Bear Silhouette A rustic hand crafted…(Read More)

How often do you end the day by the light of your phone or tablet? You’ve been grinding through the day, and at every break in your work schedule, you are staring at the screen of some electronic device. Answering emails, responding to texts… checking in on various social media channels. And then, so…(Read More)

Every woodworking craftsman needs a space where they can hone their art. I’ve seen some amazing converted garages and even a few backyard sheds as DIY workshops. ED Practical Art’s workshop space evolved out of a tough time. My wife and I were living in a condo and just as the real estate…(Read More)

I get a lot of inspiration from the outdoors. Pretty easy when you are lucky enough to live in the spectacular playground of Lake Tahoe. One of my neighbors that keeps me in a state of awe, is the black bear. It’s become commonplace to see bears rooting around in our yard or brazenly…(Read More)