Candles: A Reminder for Soothing Self Care


How often do you end the day by the light of your phone or tablet? You’ve been grinding through the day, and at every break in your work schedule, you are staring at the screen of some electronic device. Answering emails, responding to texts… checking in on various social media channels. And then, so many of us end the day the way we began it, staring at our phone just before we close our eyes to sleep. Talk about sensory overload! Our eyes need a break and our sense of peace needs at least a few minutes to be re-set and restored.

Lighting a candle or two can be a much more soothing and healthy way to close out the day. Studies are showing that the blue light admitted from the screens of electronic devices decreases your magnesium levels, which can make you feel less tired and more anxious. Getting a decent night sleep becomes an elusive dream.

Here’s the good news: Creating a night time ritual of turning out the lights and decompressing by candlelight for a bit can help you feel calmer and reset your natural sleep rhythms. Fire has always been regarded as holy, magical and healing.

Shutting off the lights and electronics, and focusing on the light of a candle, even for just a few moments can be transforming. Gazing at candlelight in a dark room calms the brain, generating more theta brainwaves, which are associated with meditation and intuition.

Having a special candleholder will not only add to the aesthetics of your home, it will remind you to exercise your new nightly ritual of peaceful self-care.

The candleholders we create at ED Practical Art are rustic, unique pieces of art. Just like the Lake Tahoe basin trees they are carved from, no two are alike. Eric collects and harvests the fallen branches from Aspen, Dog Fir, White Pine, Spruce and even the occasional Birch trees and then hand carves each piece to hold a tea light candle.

Eric loves our Tahoe trees and this is a great way to bring a small piece of Tahoe into your home.

The forests and meadows surrounding Lake Tahoe, just like the crystal blue-green water, contain healing, peaceful energy. Bringing a hand carved piece of Tahoe’s nature into your home will add a cleansing, restorative touch.

Check out our workshop at to order a unique part of Tahoe for your home!

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