Cat Outhouse with Pull Out Shelf


Rustic hand crafted cat litter box cabinet made from locally gathered reclaimed/recycled pallet wood.

Outhouses of all shapes and sizes have always taken us back to a simpler time – here we recreate them to make a cat litter box something you can enjoy seeing daily and even showing your friends.

Each outhouse is hand crafted and a unique work of art made with love – Eric picks each piece of wood to go exactly where it is, knowing that the small imperfections in the wood are what makes it more beautiful.

Noteworthy features:

-Flat roof platform gives your cat a place to hang out or put his food and water to allow for a little privacy from any dogs in the house.

-The shelf the cat uses to enter and leave the litter box is a grate that allows most of the litter gathered in your cat’s paws to fall back into the litter box before your cat exits the outhouse and tracks it all over the house.

-Cat litter pan sits on a pull out shelf for ease of cleaning

-Cat litter pan (22″ x 17″, plastic) is included.

Start a conversation with Eric to create your own custom piece.

Exterior Dimensions:
28″ D (includes the facade overhang), 31″ W at the eaves, 22″ W at the bottom, 44.5″ H from bottom to facade peek, 34″ H to flat roof platform.

Interior Dimensions:
23.5″D, 20″ W, 29.5″ H. The grated platform is 14″ from the floor of the outhouse.

Dimensions, color and distressing of the wood WILL VARY as the wood has a life of its own and each piece is handcrafted with love and whimsy!

Want this exact piece, but just a little different?
Start a conversation with Eric to create your own custom cat litter cabinet.


Show off your cat litter cabinet instead of hiding it!

Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 31 × 44 in


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